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Tiny and Full™ gives you a straightforward meal plan and an energetic fitness program, plus 50 fun and delicious recipes—from a Tropical Mango Blast and Berry Blaster Bowl to Gorgonzola Pear Pizza and even Chocolate Avocado Mousse Cupcakes. 

Find out why so many stars have turned to Jorge for his expertise on how to get their bodies in optimal shape. With the help of Tiny and Full™, transform your body and improve your life—starting now!

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What should I do if I have an old plan of yours?

If you have an old plan of mine and it is working for you, then I encourage you to stick to it. While I feel I have found a better approach to weight loss with my new Tiny and Full plan, my old plans are still based in science and will help you lose weight.

However, with Tiny and Full I am taking it to the next level with the revelation that processed and red meat are so directly linked to cancer. My old plans incorporate meat more as a main dish, where as I am now reducing red meat intake heavily and making lean animal proteins a condiment rather than the main meal. Tiny and Full puts a large emphasis on filling up on plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables. Yes I said fruit. For those of you wondering why the switch to fruit, make sure to check out my post that explains why I now eat fruit.

Plant-based foods are full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that have anti-cancer properties. They are also great low calorie foods you can eat a lot to feel satisfied and not left feeling hungry.

I encourage you to check out Tiny and Full with an open mind. Yes it is a new direction, but one I feel is for the best and is based off of the very best research out there. I am a huge advocate for always reading everything that is out there in nutritional science and bringing you the very best there is. Things evolve, and Tiny and Full is proof of that. 

If you choose to continue following one of my old plans, the only thing I urge you to do is watch your intake of processed and red meat. Stick to lean chicken, turkey, and fish and only eat red meat on occasion.