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Michelle McGowen, lost 20 lbs

"After just one week, I was astounded by a seven-pound loss! Now I feel trim and have tons of energy!" 

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Amber Allen-Sauer, lost 54 lbs

"I found Jorge’s plan, and it addressed exactly what I needed. A positive attitude and sticking to the plan 100 percent has really helped me tremendously in losing 54 lbs!”

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Maria Brandmaier, lost 155 lbs

"155 pounds later, I am now a woman who is taking charge of her health and her life. When I look in the mirror, I now know the woman looking back at me!” 

Nicole Brower before and after

Nicole Brower, lost 86 lbs 

After my second child was born, I ballooned up to 203 pounds. I tried to follow Weight Watchers a few times, but failed to lose all the weight or keep what I lost off. One day my dad gave me Jorge's plan and I decided to give it a shot; 86 lbs. and 15 in. later, I’ve finally found what truly works. 

Even the manager at my gym noticed the incredible change in my life. He even pulled me aside and asked if I would share my story with other gym members.

My body has been transformed my confidence has increased. I’ve never felt better. This is my new way of life and I love it.

Nicole's Top Tip

Indulge. Don’t deprive yourself of a sweet treat at night. I enjoy a glass of wine . . . guilt free! It's not worth giving up everything you love. If you do, you'll never stick to the plan long term. Just make smarter choices and adjust. 


Alisha Fabbi, lost 65 lbs 

Alisha is a bubbly receptionist who used to overeat when she felt stressed or had anxiety. With Tiny and Full, she focused on controlling her appetite by eating HIGH volume foods that are LOW in calories. 

After 7 years of yo-yo dieting, Alisha has finally found the plan that has helped her shed 65 stubborn pounds. The same girl that used to be out-of-breath trying to catch the subway is now running up the stairs to catch the subway every morning with no huffing or puffing. Alisha’s physical transformation inspired a mental transformation as well. No longer does Alisha feel insecure or depressed about herself, she now feels empowered and confident. Today, Alisha is no longer afraid to walk into a room, she now makes an entrance. Alisha’s plans are to go after her dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress and making Jorge her official trainer when she hits it big.

Alisha's Top Tips

Pack emergency snacks. Working as a receptionist, I always get hungry throughout the day. I learned to choose the right snacks to help me feel full on fewer calories. My typical snack bags included: strawberries, blueberries, bananas, chia seeds, carrots and popcorn. 

Find your after picture. One motivation tip Jorge gave me that really helped me stay on track was finding a picture of a girl that I wanted to look like. I put this picture as my screen saver on my phone so that anytime I felt like I was reversing back to my old ways I was reminded of my goals I have set for myself.