Eat Fat to Get Fit

nutrition Jan 09, 2018

Lose weight, improve cholesterol and reverse diabetes all by eating healthy fat.  Health recommendations don't match up with nutritional science, and this is why dieting fails.  Say goodbye to feeling hungry all the time, no more calorie counting, or feeling frustrated with slow results.  Bodies need fuel for peak performance, so fill up on the best. 

These are the Top Five Fats to Feast On:

COCONUT OIL - As it's not stored as a fat, coconut oil boosts energy and improves brain function and is anti-inflammatory.  Cook meat and vegetables with coconut oil or add to your morning coffee for some metabolic magic. 

AVOCADOS - Get your daily dose of magic from this protein packed fruit.  Avocados lower cholesterol, prevent free radical damage and works as an anti-aging nutrient.  Mash them for a new twist for salad dressing, or add cubes to your rice with dinner.  

EGGS - Free-range eggs are full of omega-3s and vitamins that promote a reduced chance for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.  Get creative by incorporating them into your dinners with recipes like quiche and avocado egg cups, or add them to salads for an extra oomph.

GRASS FED BEEF - Balance your diet with this super protein, as it prevents cancer and other health related diseases.  Boost your muscle strength and lower bad cholesterol levels by grilled a lightly seasoned steak, and serve with delicious green vegetables. 

DARK CHOCOLATE - Thank goodness for this superfood!  Reach for cacao 85% or higher for the utmost nutritional decadence, and enjoy the antioxidant properties that ward off free radicals. Improve cognitive performance, lower blood pressure and reduce stress with every bite.  Sprinkle cacao powder in your morning coffee or enjoy a square for a nighttime treat. 


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