Emotional Wheel - Let Freedom Ring

lifestyle Jan 15, 2018

Ready to know how to free yourself from past pain, and welcome empowering emotions?  

Step one: Peruse the emotion wheel and think back to the past year.  Choose three emotions you notice first and have experienced most recently.  Don't over think your choices.  Then, write down your three words.  

Step two: Now, choose three emotions you WANT to experience most often.  Pick the ones that really ignite your passion and spark empowerment.  Write down those three choices with great pride. It's time to feel alive! 

Step three:  Compare your two lists, and contemplate a new beginning.  Envision what your world would feel like if you felt the latter emotions everyday, and shunned negativity.  Hold onto the positive emotions.  Tap into the best emotions to serve as essential tools to overcome anything holding you back.  

Step four:  Enjoy the good in life. 


Want Jorge to walk you through this exercise and offer more insight?  Tune in at 3pm PST 


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