Exercise Makes You Feel Good

fitness Jan 16, 2018

We all feel the urge to skip the yoga class or say you'll start walking during lunch tomorrow, but does it make sense to avoid doing what physically and mentally makes us feel good?  

Let's talk exercise and why we shouldn't dread it. 

Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.  Studies show aging reduces dopamine storage, so it is important to keep moving.  Dopamine is the happy chemical and naturally releases from exercise.  Sweat your worries away, as movement relieves stress and anxiety.   Regular exercise also helps with insomnia, and promotes more restful sleep.  Invite the energy, and feel your best - inside and out.   

Get creative with how you introduce movement into your life.  No need to be cooped in a stinky gym, or pay top dollar for fitness classes.  Expand your horizons, and get happy with movement. 

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