nutrition Dec 13, 2017

What is Collagen?  It is the most profuse protein in the body, acting as the super glue to keep everything held together and strong.  

Why is Collagen important to consider?  Aging, insufficient nutrients, smoking and high sugar diets deplete collagen production causing wrinkles, cellulite, aches and pains.  The reduction of collagen levels is inevitable, but there are ways to boost your diet and supplement collagen for a surge in vitality and overall wellness. 

How can increased Collagen levels improve your health?   There are five top benefits of boosting your collagen intake. 

1. Improves Skin & Hair - Incorporating collagen into your routine can amp up your beauty regime - studies show collagen is the best natural skin care for more supple, firmer skin and healthier, thicker hair.  It can also reverse signs of hair loss. 

2. Repairs Joints - Combat joint pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and stiffness with nature's natural lubricant.  Collagen reduces pain and stiffness while warding off disorders associated with joints. 

3. Helps Leaky Gut - IBS, acid reflux and colitis can be eased with collagen, as it heals gut lining and introduces healthy amino acids to ward off unwanted toxins. 

4. Boosts Metabolism - Build lean muscle mass and improve posture while burning calories - Collagen kick starts your metabolism for more fat burning potential and increased energy. 

5. Strengthens Teeth & Nails - Collagen protein are the building blocks for fingernails and teeth and can promote healthy gums and strengthen nails. 

Want more Collagen in your life?  Incorporate collagen rich foods into your diet like garlic, berries, vegetables, bone broth, fish and grass-fed beef.  Supplements are another alternative - Our favorite brand is NeoCell.  Find out more here -

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