How to Boost Immunity Throughout Winter

lifestyle Jan 30, 2018

Aching bones, stiff joints, stuffy nose and dry skin are just a few invitations to the winter time blues.  Avoid the dull-drums of the colder months, and combat illness and fatigue with a few, quick and easy natural remedies to stay healthy and happy all the way to the warmer days of spring.  

Colder months come with an onslaught of unpleasant side effects that could really bring you down, but with a few tricks and tools up your sleeve - get ready to combat sleepless nights, sniffles and winter time blues.  

DIGESTIVE HEALTH - Eat a well rounded diet full of dark leafy greens, seasonal produce and lean protein.  Wondering which produce is in season now?  Reach for kale, Brussel sprouts, turnips, parsnips, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, grapefruit and lemon.  Bolster healthy gut flora with a probiotic to manage weight, avoid illness and feel good.  Remember to stay hydrated with plenty of water - this will help combat dry skin as well.  Enjoy at least 70 oz of water per day. 

RESTFUL SLEEP - The most important and effective antidepressant and weapon against illness is to be well rested.  Studies show those who get seven to nine hours of sleep every night perform better at work and have more elevated moods.  Sounds good right?  Most struggle to get that kind of joyous sleep whether there is just too much to do, or your brain just keeps working overtime.  Thankfully, there are a few tricks to invite the sweet zzz's of slumber into your daily routine.  Natural Calm is a magnesium drink and works wonders for relaxation and overall calming nature.  Sip a warm mug of chamomile tea for a nice nightcap and get yourself a nice neck massage with lavender oil.  Diffusing lavender in the bedroom sets up a nice environment for complete relaxation.  Lay back and sleep soundly knowing you deserve rest! 

RESPIRATORY HEALTH - Combat illness with Xlear Nasal Spray.  This xylitol wonder does the hard work for you, keeping you health and disease free.  Xylitol is anti-adhesive meaning bacteria is unable to adhere to cell tissue, creating a space where viruses and bacteria are unwelcome.  Utilize the nasal spray and avoid the sniffles. 

COMBAT ILLNESS - Avoid colds and flu by utilizing vitamin C - it is the best booster to ward off illness.  Take a supplement or boost your meals with foods high in vitamin C.  

STAY MOVING - Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.  Boost your endorphins and get outside to enjoy the joyous effects of vitamin D.  Snowy outside?  Crank up the music and dance inside.  Warmer today outside?  Grab some friends and play soccer outside.  Have some free time?  Try a new yoga class.  Whatever you do - just get moving! 

STAY POSITIVE - Most important of all, just stay positive.  Focus on the beauty of winter and marvel at nature's delightful passing of the seasons.  Find something positive to delight in and remember - life is too short and should absolutely be enjoyed. 


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