How to Feel Like You're Enough

lifestyle Jan 09, 2018

"You Yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."  Buddha

Everyone feels insecure sometime or another, but how can you combat your inner doubts and bolster confidence?  

Follow these guidelines and you will be set. 

1. Understand and reconnect with your authentic self - get back in tune with who you are at your core, and release inner pressure.  Accept your core self and realize the importance of just being you and how that can positively change everything around you.  How can you do this?  Start journaling - take what is inside your head, and put it on paper so you can see yourself more clearly.  Taking the time to sit quietly with your thoughts will help clarify and gain understanding of your true self.  Studies show people who journal regularly have lower anxiety, reduced stress, improved sleep, increased IQ and boosted immune systems. 

2. Accept your flaws - In order to be your best self, you must embrace what you might be rejecting about yourself and your life.  Learn to rise above your perceived flaws and past difficulties.  Here is an exercise you can try to shift your train of thought - Make a list of what you think are your imperfections or flaws.  Now take a deep breath, and turn that flaw into a positive quality.  Instead of saying you're unworthy, resonate within that you are worthy, amazing and loved! 

3. Reveal and live the best you - Choose to focus on positive self-affirmations to reprogram your brain.  Studies show your thinking changes your brain function, and you can reprogram your thoughts to bolster your happiness. Improve your self confidence, elevate your performance, improve problem solving under stress and improve willpower.  How? Create and understand your Happy Code.  

4. Your personal prescription - Affirmations are the key to unlocking your inner self, and putting your positive outlook into action.  Choose your favorite affirmations and create a daily routine for yourself.  Write down positive thoughts or say them aloud.  Take control of your happiness and confidence. 

You Are Enough. 

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