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It’s so easy for us to get negative thoughts in our heads, but I want to teach you how to turn them around to make a positive thought! 

There are 4 questions to ask yourself before you let this negative thought take over your mind and ruin your day. I got this from a woman by the name of Byron Katie, an amazing author. 

Question #1: Is this True?

Once a negative thought enters your head you need to ask yourself, is this really true? A lot of times we are a lot harder on ourselves, dig really deep into your own thoughts and really decide if this negative thought is all true and should bring down your day. 

Question #2: Can you Absolutely Know This is True

The next questions to ask yourself if this is absolutely true. If you think you hate your job, chances are, there are parts of your job you don’t like, but there are other parts that you love, so its not all bad.

Question #3: What Happened When you Believed That Thought

Now that you’ve had the time to think about this negative thought a bit, looking back, what happened when you originally believed that thought? Take the time to think back to what made you feel that way and reaffirm that there are ways around it to dissolve this negative thought. 

Question #4: Who Would you Be Without The Original Thought

Now that you’re on the last question, ask yourself who you would be without the original thought. Chances are, if you didn’t think about this negative thought that is probably a distorted thought, you would be a more confident person, you would be happier, you would feel free! Now try and go back, dissolve that thought, don’t believe the negative thought, be positive, and be you. 

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