nutrition Feb 21, 2018

Today we are lucky enough to be with Brian Mazza, a Men's Health cover model, restauranteur, and new dad. We all know how busy life can get and we tend to make excuses for not having the time to workout and not being able to eat healthily. Today we are going to talk about overcoming these excuses!

Brian says it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, you can have abs and great hair etc. but you have to watch what is going in your body.

You only have this one life, anything can happen in any moment and it’s important to give 100% in everything you do in life.

Sometimes it takes a hardship to realize that you need to make a change, but make this be your time to realize and then make a change. 

The number one thing Brian Mazza hears is that time is the number one excuse. If something is important to you, you will make time for it. “You cannot deposit any excuses” Brian says. If you really want to grow, be a better person, make money etc. you cannot deposit any excuses or nothing will get done.

You have to make time, make the time if something really matters to you! If you have to get up at 4:30am, then wake up early!

It’s important to have “me time”. Make time for yourself so you can no longer say you don’t have the time. Take this time to prepare healthy meals for the week, being grateful for 3 things in your life, working out, reading a book, etc.

If you love what you’re hearing, Brian has a Fitness Retreat from March 9th-11th in Miami at the 1 and he would love for you to join! Check out this link to save a spot! https://www.1hotels.com/south-beach/discover

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