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Stress rears it ugly head in many different forms, depending on age, circumstance or just a general sense of feeling overwhelmed with what life throws your way.  No matter your level of stress from any given time, we have secret weapons to sooth, recenter and reduce stress all with the power of breath.  

Feeling internal and external pressure?  

TRY THIS - Breath of Fire.  Pump up mental and physical energy, feel invigorated and clear away mental fog with this intense and powerful breathing exercise.  

HOW TO DO IT - INHALE from your belly and exhale through the nose. RAPIDLY breathe in quick burst while keeping the mouth closed.  SHORT and equal breaths in and out aiming for a 3 second count.

Feeling overwhelmed and stuck inside your head? 

TRY THIS - Pure Breath. This breathing exercise will produce a calm mind, relieve tension and help recenter your focus. 

HOW TO DO IT - SIT comfortably on chair with feet firmly planted.  INHALE and exhale for three breaths and focus on the sensation of each breath.  SLOW down on the fourth breath, and count until you reach full capacity, PAUSE, then match the number on your exhale.  FOCUS and continue to breath slowly and on how each breath feels.

Feeling okay but ready for a exhilarating boost? 

TRY THIS - Boost Breathing.  A fun and easy exercise that will surely produce quick results leaving your feeling calm and rejuvenated. 

HOW TO DO IT - IMAGINE you’re holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers to your nose. BREATHE deeply through the nose while imagining the scent. CONTINUE to inhale a bit more once you have reached full capacity. HOLD the breath for a few seconds. EXHALE through the mouth and drop your head and shoulders. REPEAT three-five times.

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