Uncategorized Mar 21, 2018

One of the most important part of HIIT or high-intensity interval training, is the afterburn effect. In simplest terms, this is the calories that your body continues to burn after exercising. Your body actually uses up extra calories (energy) after certain exercises to help us recover and cool down. 

In the high-intensity workouts that I do every day, it is a mix between doing a one minute dynamic movement and a one minute static movement. During the dynamic movement you are moving, working hard, breathing hard, burning and then your “rest period” which isn’t really a rest at all, will give you a burning feeling and allow your breathing to come down, getting you ready for the next dynamic movement. 

This kind of workout is perfect if your goals are to lean out, increase your cardiovascular health, and not spend a lot of time exercising. My HIIT method consists of just two moves in only 8 minutes! Everyone has 8 minutes in their day to exercise, especially knowing in how many ways it can benefit your health. 

In general, the more intense the workout it, the greater the afterburn effect is. Of course there are other factors to how great the effect will be including someone’s current level of fitness, gender, age, training duration, and intensity. 

The best part of all, is that HIIT targets the most dangerous fat of all.. belly fat! This kind of targeted training use to only be available to sprinters who’s workouts were a series of interval training methods. I know that as we get older, our joints get weaker, our bodies are less mobile, we want this effect without breaking our bodies. My “Just 2 Moves” workout method will give your body the same effect, without having to sprint, or get on the floor! 

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