nutrition Mar 21, 2018

Cinnamon is a powerful spice that has been used around the world for thousands of years. It is still used medicinally in many cultures today because of its health benefits and of course the delicious taste and ease of use in recipes. 

Nutrition Benefits of Cinnamon

One tablespoon of ground cinnamon

-19 calories 

-0 grams of fat, sugar, protein

-4 grams of fiber

-68% daily value calcium

-4% daily value iron

-3% daily value vitamin K 

A little bit of cinnamon can go a long way! As little as a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon is known to have positive effects on blood sugar levels, digestion and immunity. Stronger doses are also beneficial for improving heart disease risk and cutting your risk of diabetes and cancer.  

Below are 13 Health Benefits of Cinnamon

1.High source of antioxidants 

2.Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

3.Protects Heart Health

4.Helps Fight Diabetes

5.Helps Defend Against Cognitive Decline and Protects Brain Function

6.May Help Lower Cancer Risk 

7.Fights Infections and Viruses 

8.Protects Dental Health and Freshens Breath Naturally 

9.Can Help Prevent or Cure Candida 

10.Benefits Skin Health

11.Helps Fight Allergies

12.Can be Used to Sweeten Recipes Without Added Sugar

13.Can be Used as a Natural Food Preservative 

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