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As we enter into the New Year we ask ourselves, what’s the key to getting motivated and making your resolutions last and burning the most dangerous fat of all, belly fat?

The secret that I tell all my celebrity clients is that you have to know yourself. Ask yourself why do you want to lose belly fat? It has to be for you and no one else.

Getting to know yourself can be a lifelong adventure though. Every day offers chances for new learning experiences and more self-understanding.There is no quick answer or final destination. 

In my book, "The 3 Choices", I talk about an important activity that I learned from my friend Anthony Robbins. Journaling. Writing things down is one of the best ways to tap into your authentic self. Every day for the past 20 years I’ve been recording my thoughts and activities during the day. When you spend time writing, away from the noise of the outside world, you’re more able to clarify your thoughts and feelings and gain understanding about yourself and life. 

Several studies have shown that regular journaling lowers anxiety, reduces stress, improves sleep, increases IQ, and even improves your immune system. 

Use these prompts if you need help getting started:

One thing I know for sure right now is __________.

The last thing I want to talk about it ____________.

I secretly desire ___________. 

One thing I may be denying is _________________.

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