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If you want the greatest edge in fitness it's understanding how to make yourself your greatest ally. 

The trick is knowing how to move yourself forward because the greatest person that will ever sabotage you is yourself. 

Everyone tries to pin it on external forces such as other people, lack of money and time etc. 

The best thing about working with clients for 20+ years is that I have found out it is you who is stopping yourself. 

The top thing is to have confidence in what yo do. This can be hard because life is stressful, I know. 

I say stress is a code word for fear. When I work with a client and we get down to it, we find out that stress is usually something they are afraid of happening or afraid of something that’s already happened. 

How do we bolster that? I have two simple ways to bolster your motivation instantly.

#1 The power of breath to eliminate anxiety. In my book "The 3 Choices" I talk about holding your breath and why that important. Science has shown that your breath determines how you feel. If you have long breath that is deep and calm you are usually very calm. If you are stressed, you have shallow breath. The goal is to breathe in a way that creates a calm. 

#2 The power of photos. Use selfies to power you to move forward. Science has shown that the selfie shows what the scale cannot. The key is being able to see the glass half full. If you have a big belly in the morning on Monday you can see glass half empty and see how fat you are or you can show the glass half full and use it as motivation to workout harder this week. Focus in on the positives, “How can I make this week better?” instead of “Why did last week suck?”

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