How can you guarantee results in just eight minutes?

For the past twenty-two years, Jorge has worked with so many people from celebrities to women over forty, and with this experience and scientific research - he has unlocked the key to ultimate fitness and wellness. The Just 2 Moves method is a full body experience incorporating three supreme facets to fitness. The combination of building outer strength, yoga breath to release inner pain and utilizing HIIT to reduce and target belly fat yields incredible results - everyone can see and feel the difference. This three in one miracle workout only needs eight minutes to make a difference - it’s efficient and highly effective.

Starting on the outside, it’s imperative to strengthen muscles to improve structural support. Strong muscles hold everything together to ensure proper posture, avoid injury and boost confidence. In tandem, addressing the whole picture of health moves inward. Understanding the inner workings of the mind is key to attain happiness and sooth the soul. Without a healthy “happy code,” everything else is futile. Aging rears it’s head, and most suffer from back and joint pain. After years of stress and lack of exercise, bodies become calcified and rigid. Incorporating breath and yoga movements, reverses time, releases facia and reduces stress resulting in a sense of vitality and wellness by releasing past pain. Lastly, high intensity interval training closes the circle of fitness. Research shows HIIT is most effective for people over forty, as science shows it improves mitochondria health, and aids in restful sleep, boosts energy and targets and reduces dangerous belly fat.

In just eight minutes, the three facets of Just 2 Moves will boost energy, release tension from past emotional and physical pain, and build strength to enliven overall health. Coupling the workout with hand crafted Metabolic Magic meals, and personalized motivation - Just 2 Moves can guarantee a full picture of health and wellness. Get ready to feel your best!

Can I really lose a pound a day?

Absolutely! After understanding power of eight minute workout, our bodies are ready for fuel. The second aspect Jorge teaches to all of his celebrity clients, is the power of nutrition to transition towards wellness. Jorge always says weight loss begins in the kitchen, and by following the Metabolic Magic Meal Plan packed full of whole foods rich in good, healthy fats to stimulate belly fat burning potential, and anti-inflammatory food to reduce discomfort. Enjoy feasts of cheesey pasta, hearty soups, and scrumptious pizza, all planned for you, including shopping lists. There are four meal planners to provide more targeted results - Choose from Turn Off Hunger to battle cravings, Thyroid Boost to reduce inflammation, Belly Burn to target belly fat, and Low Sugar to regulate insulin and sodium levels. No matter which plan you choose, you will be amazed at how well you can eat, and still shed pounds. Weight loss begins in the kitchen!

What if I tried everything, and don’t feel like I can succeed?

Although Jorge is not a therapist, he has worked with millions of clients who have struggled and overcome their battles. Everyone has to make choices, and motivation is a choice. This is the time to stoke the fire within you, and feel self empowered. Through his years of experience he have crafted a method he likes to share. He teaches this to all of his clients - The Happy Code. Dial in to your happiness and there you will find the drive to exercise and to eat healthy. The number one sabotage is you - not your loved ones, not your job, or anything else. The truth is we are our own worst enemy, but that can change in minutes. As a client of Jorge's, you will learn with your membership to overcome self sabotage, stress, emotional eating, and lack of motivation. Jorge has you covered.

How do I get started if I want to work with you?

Once you have your membership, the best place to get started is in your kitchen. Jorge has provided all of the tools you need to succeed, and now it’s time to get cooking. Pick your meal planner, and get to the store with your shopping list. If possible, prepare your meals ahead of time for a stress free week. Now that you have your meals in order, focus on your motivation and workouts - Join Jorge Monday through Friday for his 3pm PST show on Facebook and 4pm PST for eight minutes of Just 2 Moves. Succeed with three parts - Follow the meal planners exactly, hone your Happy Code, and stay moving with Just 2 Moves.

What is MCT oil, and where can it be purchased?

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides which is a saturated fatty acid, and has many health benefits such as weight loss and management to increased energy. Coconuts are a main source for MCTs, and more refined and concentrated MCT oil are becoming available. MCTs are easier to digest and sent directly to the liver, allowing for huge boosts of energy and increased metabolism. The MCT oil acts a fuel and is burned quickly, instead of being stored as fat. They also promote healthy gut environments to stimulate proper and efficient digestion. Also, they contain antioxidant properties that aid in anti-inflammatory benefits. MCTs can also be found in grass-fed beef and butter. MCT oil is the best way to maintain a healthy weight, increase energy, improve brain function, balance hormones and elevate mood. MCT oil can be purchased at Whole Foods, health food stores or online at

What are anti-inflammatory foods, and why are they important?

Inflammation is linked to diseases that ails most of society, like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. The immune system works overtime to heal the body, but what if you could support your body with super foods to heal from the inside out by incorporating anti-inflammatory foods? Heal the body with food. Avoid processed foods, and stick with fruits, vegetables and healthy meat. These are the top anti-inflammatory foods: beets, dark leafy greens, broccoli, coconut oil, pineapple, berries, fish, seeds, bone broth and ginger. Sounds delicious!

How much water should I drink daily, and what other beverages can I enjoy?

Divide your current weight in half to determine how many ounces of water is needed to be consumed daily for optimum health. For example, if someone weighs 160 pounds, they would need to drink 80 ounces of water to stay hydrated. For some beverage variety, tea and coffee are excellent choices, and for extra sweetness add stevia or Lite-Sweet by Xlear or almond milk for creaminess. Infuse your water with fruit and herbs, or upgrade for the sparkling water variety. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

How can I modify your meal planners if I have allergies or nutritional preferences?

If there are items in the meal planners you choose not or are unable to eat, we recommend simply omitting or making substitutions. For instance - if you are vegetarian or vegan, swap out chicken for cauliflower or eggplant. If you are gluten free, omit the items or utilize gluten free products. If there are items you don’t care for, swap them out for items you do like. If you get stumped, feel overwhelmed or need substitution ideas, we are here to help. Email

How can I modify your workouts if I have injuries or pain?

All of our workouts offer modifications to accommodate all ages, range of motion, and protect injuries. There are recommendations for tools for support, such as chairs, walls, etc to take the fear out of fitness. Jorge is available daily to demonstrate modifications and answer any questions during the eight minute workouts, and the Jorge Cruise Team is there to support you in anyway needed. Just reach out and ask!

What should I do if I have followed a previous plan (Tiny and Full, The 100, Belly Fat Cure, etc)?

Science is constantly evolving, and Jorge strives to provide the most current developments and modern trends for optimum health and wellness. With the culmination of scientific development and cutting edge research, Jorge is able to share the most efficient and effective method for weight management and overall wellness. We know change can be difficult, but you have trusted Jorge before and attained amazing results - think of this plan as an upgrade. The method is accumulative of all of his past plans to provide the best.

Just 2 Moves addresses the whole picture of health with a three faceted workout regime addressing strength building, yoga breath to release inner pain and HIIT to boost energy and burn belly fat. Metabolic Magic Meals are full of anti-inflammatory foods to melt away pounds, while delighting the palette. Lastly, Jorge will motivate and help find your Happy Code. Get ready to feel your best!

Which products do you highly recommend?

The Jorge Cruise Team utilizes Xlear products for respiratory health. The Saline Nasal Spray with Xylitol is our go to product, and we love their Natural Sweetener Lite&Sweet for some extra sweetness.

For stress relief and sleep aid, we rely on Natural Calm from Natural Vitality - The magnesium drink makes sure we get our needed seven to nine hours of restful sleep.

Neocell Super Collagen Powder is our favorite supplement to overall vitality. Collagen boosts metabolism, strengthens joints and improves hair, nails and teeth. We love to look and feel our best, and rejuvenate our bodies inside and out.

Out of all 32 books, which should I purchase?

Build your own trilogy for a full body jumpstart into health. Grab 8 Minutes in the Morning to supplement and stimulate workouts. Tiny and Full to beef up your recipe library, with over eighty anti-inflammatory and delicious recipes. Lastly, take a journey within with The 3 Choices, where Jorge opens up about his personal past, and teaches how to turn pain into power. With these power packed books, you will have excellent resources to conquer it all.