The Cruise Control Workout

What is it?

The Cruise Control Workout is an interval training workout that utilizes quick bursts of movements to give you an efficient and effective workout. Each day I’ll teach you two new moves designed to help you burn belly fat and boost your metabolism. The first move known as your burn move, is a dynamic exercise that burns calories and turns on your body’s belly fat burning hormones, called catecholamines. The second move known as your boost move, is a static.  exercise that tones your body and boosts your metabolism. Each day I’ll lead you through a LIVE 8-minute workout. This program requires no gyms, no equipment and best of all you’ll never have to get on the floor!


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Why it Works

Researchers and scientists have found that interval training increases metabolism and releases an adrenaline-like hormone called catecholamines that triggers the release of belly fat. By following my 8-minute workout plan just five days week you’ll be able to lose up to 2 pounds of belly fat every week!

How it works?

Backed by the science of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (or EPOC), Just 2 Moves is designed to maintain a target zone that accelerates metabolism, increases energy and gives an after-burn effect for up to 24 hours. Members can expected to burn 15% more calories than a typical workout. Each day you’ll work a new body group so that by the end of the week you’ll tone and tighten your entire body. 

Monday: Arms & Abs

Tuesday: Butt & Legs

Wednesday: Chest & Back

Thursday: Core

Friday: Total Body



Accelerate your results with nutrition and support

 With your membership, you will get weekly live check-in meetings with Jorge and weekly Cruise Control Diet meal planners to accelerate your results.    


Nutrition That's Delicious and Easy to Make!

This research-based diet automates weight loss by lowering insulin levels through a comprehensive nutrition plan. By following a diet comprised of healthy fats, lean protein, and veggies you’ll be able to suppress hunger, burn fat and accurate your metabolism.


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